"Sparky had been off work for around 9 months due to a foot injury. He had spent a large amount of this on box rest so was a little stiff. After just one session with Charlotte Sparky was a different horse, he was much more relaxed especially in his ridden work. Now sparky is back out eventing. I would highly recommend Charlotte" 
Matt Owens, Event Rider & Trainer
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"Couldn't recommend Charlotte enough .The difference in my ponies from the first time she came to now is amazing xx"

Rebecca Hodson, Bart & Tutu
"Would just like to say a big thank you to Charlotte Ridgwell from CR Equine, for all your hard work. At 19 years old Locarno 62 is feeling fantastic. Win loose ...or draw at Hickstead, it was important to me that he goes feeling the best he possibly could for his final go in the Hickstead Derby. I hope we do you proud! 100 per cent highly recommended. The best i have used by far! Ellen Whitaker xx"

Ellen Whitaker,
International Show-Jumper

Antonio Marinas Soto, International Show-Jumper

"HUGE thank you to you Charlotte for once again working your magic powers on the ponies, although they may only be small they're still mini athletes expected to perform to the best of their ability and your very much becoming a vital part of our little team.
Mostly noticeable, Trinket & Fraggle's improvement with their jumping technique,beyond my expectations 🌟 they've gone from hopping over on all fours to really learning to use themselves ❤️ ❤️ Thank you ❤️"

Linda & the team
"I started using CR Equine Charlotte Ridgwell in November 2015 for my 16.1HH Irish Sport horse Dan. We currently compete British Showjumping qualifying for Scope and 2nd Rounds. I have found Charlotte to be an invaluable part of my team in keeping Dan in the condition that is needed to jump, the massages helps to keep his muscle tone correct and also helps to recognize any issues that maybe occurring in his work due to sore muscles. Charlotte is very quiet and sympathetic towards the horses and interacts with me to discuss any issues in training previous and going forward after the session. I cannot recommend Charlotte enough for all types of horses and ponies in all areas of the sport. "
Anna  Scott, Show-Jumper/Producer
"I'm so pleased with results following a treatment with you. The horses feel much more relaxed in their muscles allowing them to work more freely!"

Eve Staveley, International Show-Jumper & BS Accredited Coach

"Thanks to Charlotte for making my horse feel so brilliant after sorting out his sore back in two sessions!! He feels so much looser and happier. Money well spent and now I know who to call if I have anymore problems, thank you.
Despite Charlie being a nervy horse, Charlotte was fabulous with him and he trusted her implicitly xx "

Sarah & Charlie, Urmston
"Wow is all I'll say, my left canter is so much better and more supple! Magical hands misses xx" 
Kirstie & Chilli

"Thanks Charlotte for your amazing work with Cara"​
Amy Lennon, Event Rider & Trainer

"This is Piwi, my ex-eventer who’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt but still wants to do it with a little help from some rocket fuel now and again as he can be extremely laid back when he wants to be or as people have said in the past economical.  Just what I needed to be honest after not owning a horse for a number of years …
He has been a real confidence giver and even though he is a bit of a Victor Meldrew at times I wouldn’t swap him for the world. After my daughter told me about Charlotte and how she had helped her horse I gave Charlotte a message and arranged a visit.
With being an ex-eventer you can imagine Piwi had his fair share of issues that Charlotte found, the majority of which I had been putting down to his laziness!! Piwi had a couple of 3 monthly sessions and started to feel much better, don’t get me wrong he is still naturally lazy but there was a new willingness to work for me there that I didn’t have before and he felt better under the saddle.
I also noticed that he was not as grouchy whilst being groomed after a few sessions with Charlotte,  so not only was his willingness to work now present,  Charlotte had obviously also relieved the pain which must have been part of his grumpiness too.
I think sometimes some horses have issues, little niggles here and there and over time those niggles grow and get worse but they seem to tolerate them and learn to live with them. It’s nice to know that I can help take these issues away helping Piwi to be a much healthier and happier horse in his later years of life (most Days ha ha).
I now know the signs and when I feel Piwi is not feeling quite right and he gets a little grouchier than his normal self I book Charlotte in to wave that magic wand she seems to have with him.
Thank you for making my horse a happy one =)

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​After Charlotte had given Joey his first session I noticed a huge difference in him even though he was forward going anyway I believe she had knocked a few years of him in our first session. I had Charlotte re-visit Joey 6 months later and he was no-where near as stiff as the first original visit, I now have Joey seen to yearly just to make sure all is in good working order and seeing as he enjoys his massage so much I think it’s a lovely treat for him too.
I would defiantly recommend Charlotte to my friends and anyone who hasn’t used her services before and would advise just because you don’t always think there is anything wrong with your horse it’s always good to just have that reassurance now and again to make sure.  Joey has never felt so good… thank you Charlotte for your services over the past couple of years.
Sam xx"
"Meet Joey, my 27yrs young Bay gelding. Joey came into my life at the age of 13 in 2003, he had a semi –hard life in his early years being originally broken as a trotter and then re-broken as a show jumper. Since being with me Joey has had a more relaxed life hacking and pleasure rides, but due to his heavy workload in his early years I have always been conscious of the strain on his muscles and joints he will have been subject too...

I was passed Charlottes number by a friend a couple of years ago now and she came out to take a look over Joey. He hadn’t been showing any signs of not wanting to work when out riding other than slight stiffness behind which was acceptable seeing as he was around 24/25 at the time. However, this is part of his character, he is very forward going and there would have to be something seriously wrong for him to hold back, Hence why I was keen to get charlotte to give him the once over for peace of mind.
We discovered that Joey did have quite a few tight areas especially on his hamstrings.