About Equine Sports Massage Therapy
As an equine sports massage therapist, I look at the whole picture & not just where appears to be sore to touch. With the way a horse is built, often there will be areas surrounding the affected muscle that are also sore or could be the primary source of the problem.

Analysing the horse's movement is also an important part of what I do. It allows me to piece together why certain behaviours might be present & the areas most affected & when.

During a consultation a history will be taken along with some information about the horse. This can be vital to fully understanding what could be the cause of the problem & therefore finding the right solution. 

Obviously, prevention is better than a cure! So i recommend regular checks for horses in full/competition work & annual checks for retired horses. Keeping up with review appointments is the best way to prevent some discomfort becoming a big problem.
"Thanks  to you Charlotte, Mouse is now getting left canter & his extended trot is amazing. We're very impressed & I'm sure Mouse is extremely grateful."
Kate with Mouse
Common symptoms that can be improved with equine sports massage include:

  •  Bucking/rearing
  •  Head shaking/Excessively high head carriage
  •  Tail carriage to one side
  •  Disuniting in canter - one rein or both
  •  Reluctance to go forward 
  •  Sensitivity to brushing
  •  Intermittent lameness
  •  Noticeable difference on one rein
  •  Plaiting with legs or brushing
  •  Reluctance to jump or go forward when ridden
  •  Symptoms associated with being 'cold backed'
  • Not tracking up

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

  •    Enhances muscle tone & increases range of motion
  •    Helps to reduce inflammation & swelling in joints
  •     Promotes healing by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles & carrying       away fluids & toxins
  •   Reduces tension therefore allowing muscles to relax
  •   Releases endorphins, which are a natural pain killer & improves circulation                increasing the release of toxins through the skin 

  •   Improved behaviour & temperament