Equine Sports Massage Therapy & Rehabilitation
Charlotte Ridgwell ESMT MISAP
With a background in treating all different types of horses, from retired to international competition horses, relieving stiffness, discomfort, improving range of movement & way of going.

About me

"Really pleased with the result of Ralphys treatment. Charlotte came yesterday to give him a massage as he is currently on box rest due to a leg injury, he has been very highly strung and a bit miserable to say the least. However he really enjoyed his massage and has been a very relaxed horse since she left. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Thanks Charlotte very much appreciated." 
Morgan with Ralph
"I have always loved all animals, especially dogs & horses. I was lucky enough growing up to have my own & also ride for other people. I began show-jumping at BS level around the age of 12. When I realised the importance of flatwork, I also found a passion for Dressage. I spent some time importing horses from Germany to compete, train & sell on. I really enjoyed the improvement of the young ones & during this time my interest in treating them started to grow.

I have now been treating horses since 2012 & have been fortunate enough to work with all different types. From happy hackers & retired horses, to top level competition horses & ponies, police horses, Miniature Shetlands, the list goes on! This is what makes my job so enjoyable, no day is ever the same & I am always learning something new!

I find great satisfaction in helping clients with their horses & ponies, I am genuinely interested in their improvement & I feel the results speak for themselves.
Obviously, it is not always straight forward when trying to figure out a problem but I find this challenges me. I am always researching or looking into things that may benefit my clients. The way things work in the equine world has changed drastically since I first put my foot in the stirrup, so I make sure I always keep up!
I truly love my job, I feel privialged to be trusted with peoples horses & I'll never get tired of hearing how much they've benefited from treatment."

​Charlotte Ridgwell ESMT MISAP

 When to use Equine Massage Therapy for your horse:

     Change in temperament, biting or excessive tail swishing
   Change in way of going - High head carriage, disuniting, inconsistent rhythm, not tracking up.
  Sensitivity when grooming or tacking up
    Pre/post competition
As a maintenance treatment - helps prevent the risk of injury, enhances muscle tone & increases range of movement
Regular treatment for horses in full & competition work is advisable. Horses in less work benefit from treatment every 6-12 months.